I've just got back from four days in Budapest...with a new set of teeth - gleaming quietly as I write - and a rather fatter bank balance than I feared I would have a couple of months ago, when my growing need for quite drastic dental treatment became only too obvious.

Before explaining anything in detail let us emphasize the most important point: as soon as you become aware that the root of any of your teeth is broken or fractured, please visit the dentist at your earliest convenience, even if the tooth does not cause any serious pain.

What you should know before your treatment starts

When preparing crowns and bridges the dentist shaves off the surface of the teeth and takes impressions for the dental technicians, who will prepare the new teeth.

The invention of dental implants a few decades ago was a huge development in dental care; with dental implants the possibilities to replace lost teeth was greatly extended. Patients for whom only plastic dentures were available earlier could and can have fixed crowns and bridges, which look and feel like natural teeth. With this improvement not only dental status but the quality of life in general gets significantly better. Let us add another remark here: most things that are done in the dental chair improve general health, digestion, the immune system and therefore the whole quality of life.