The Health Services Management Training Centre of Semmelweis University completed a comprehensive study on dental care and patient flow in 2013. The main questions raised were: „Why is Hungary the main destination country in dental tourism?" and „Why do patients choose Hungary for dental care?"

In the study a comprehensive overview was provided where each part of the dental care, from dentistry training till daily practice was described. According to the results these are the main factors that strengthen the role of dental care in Hungary:

  • Dental tourism has long traditions in Hungary. The affordable price, cost/benefit ratio was already recognised in the early 90's and was appreciated even before the EU accession of Hungary.
  • High quality of dentistry training – more and more foreign students choose Hungary to receive their dentistry diploma; high quality of theoretical and practical training is underlined by alumni students as well; professors are active dentists thus the applicability of the acquired knowledge is high → Hungarian Faculties of Dentistry educate high quality dentists.
  • The quality of materials, equipments is high – European level – quality, the rate of complications stays around 5% similarly to other European countries.
  • Previous treatment experiences are positive, patient satisfaction level is high – more and more patients choose Hungary, more and more patients state that they would return for another treatment in the future.
  • Not only from neighbouring countries but from Europe and the whole world there are patients seeking dental care in Hungary. Due to the increasing prices in Western Europe and the easy accessibility of Hungary and dental treatments in Hungary, the country gained its leading position in dental tourism in 2008 and the volume of foreign patients is increasing.
  • Guarantee is provided; the majority of dental offices ensure quality by ISO and other European, and American Quality Assurance Certificates.

For the full text of the study please see:

Kovacs E., Szocska G., Torok B., Ragany K. (2013) Why is Hungary the main destination country in dental tourism? Why do patients choose Hungary for dental care? Hungarian Case Study on dental care and patient flow. ECAB project (Grant Agreement 242058).