the extremely reliable and precise Seiler Revelation dental microscope!

It is a widely use routine procedure in today's dentistry to save dead or seriously damaged teeth with root canal treatment; root canal filled teeth can last for decades. The most significant condition of successful treatment is to be able to carry out the procedure absolutely precisely, not leaving any chance for bacteria to get to the top of the root and cause infection in the jawbone.

At the same time root canal treatment cannot be performed routinely because the roots and the nerve channels in them all have different forms; even one patient has various different form root canals. To make the situation more complicated, a certain percentage of molar teeth have not three but four nerve channels and in such cases all the four have to be treated.

Generally dental x-rays are used to explore the situation and take a close look at the problematic tooth but they have got a weak point: they show the three-dimensional reality in a two-dimensional image, therefore they do not always show every detail precisely. In such cases does our new equipment, the Seiler revelation dental microscope provide significant support, because the dentist

  • can have a clear image of the infected area;
  • is able to examine the tissues even in the hidden areas;
  • can plan and carry out the treatment more precisely;
  • is able to control visually the whole process of the root canal treatment;
  • can immediately see if the root is fractured.

Nowadays together with the developing methods and techniques in everyday tooth-care there are also more chances for our teeth to get damaged. Having hot food and cold or even icy drinks are a real danger and many people press or grind their teeth at night due to the higher stress level of our everyday life. All these lead to higher chances of fractures in the roots, which can be explored and diagnosed perfectly with the dental microscope. The main element and condition of successful treatment is the accurate diagnosis, which our new colleague is able to support with its high expertise and accuracy.