the extremely reliable and precise Seiler Revelation dental microscope!

It is a widely use routine procedure in today's dentistry to save dead or seriously damaged teeth with root canal treatment; root canal filled teeth can last for decades. The most significant condition of successful treatment is to be able to carry out the procedure absolutely precisely, not leaving any chance for bacteria to get to the top of the root and cause infection in the jawbone.

Hello Andrea,

Thank you seems such small words to use when my new teeth look so lovely but THANK YOU to you and the team at Perfect Smile. Perfect is the right word.

As you are now no doubt aware, I was a very fearful, nervous and worried patient. This mainly stems from having grey second teeth as a child and having crowns fitted at 16, only to have two replaced at 17, in the wrong colour, after a car accident.

If you have been living with a denture for some time you know what it is like; there is no more toothache and cleaning but there are other and sometimes more serious problems:

  • You have a plastic thing in your mouth, which is very difficult to get used to. Soft tissues in the mouth get harder and sore spots develop. With an upper denture the roof of your mouth and the taste buds there are covered, you cannot feel and enjoy food as before.
  • Chewing force of a denture is only a fraction of that of fixed teeth and if you cannot chew food well your nutrition and digestion is weaker.
  • When you wear dentures for a long time the bone gradually recedes because it is not supported by the teeth therefore it is not used. The denture becomes loose and floppy as you have less and less bone to support it.
  • As the bone recedes your face changes: the distance between your nose and your chin gets smaller, your lips collapse making wrinkles on the two sides of your mouth.

Our clinic is constantly improving and widening the range of equipment that makes dental procedures more pleasant – or at least more tolerable for patients. Please read this selection of our special machines and devices; all of them represent latest innovation and technology.