Hi All,
I am very well thank you, hope you are too. Very happy with my teeth!


Just a quick email to let you know that everything is fine with my teeth. I'm applying for a job as a male model in one of the glossy magazines now that I can smile properly. Don't tell my wife!


I am deeply grateful for the splendid treatment I received, and for all the kindness and professional expertise shown to me by the whole dental team. Please accept this brief note as an indication of my appreciation for all that was done for me and thereby providing Malcolm and myself with the opportunity to discover many of the delights of Budapest.


I would like to thank you all for the excellent service and treatment I have received. If you should need references for anyone in this country who wants to speak to someone who has been through it I would be happy to oblige.


...Andras did a very good job, as he always does. I’m hoping that everything major that needed doing is now complete and that I won’t need to come back for some time, but I do hope to keep in touch and will be in contact there is anything else major that needs doing.

I’ve been very satisfied with the service and the treatment I’ve had, and I am happy to recommend you to my friends.


Thank you so much for all of your kindness during our last visit to Budapest a few days ago. You work so hard and are always so cheerful and kind!... Again I thank you for all of your help, sympathy, support and encouragement over the past almost a year!


As being an EU member state Hungary falls under the EU regulations; hence dentistry in Hungary has to comply with the same standard applied across Europe. Maybe you find far more top range dental clinics in Hungary due to the dental tourism boom the recent years. Many surgeries come with far higher standards then in the UK we find in our experience. Also bear in mind, that when you go to a local dentist you may receive prosthesis or denture work made in Hungary, even Turkey or China. This is common practice as UK local dentists have to cut overheads in order to make a living as well. Hungary comes with Europe's longest and most intense tradition in dental education (Semmelweiss University in Budapest) and more then 35 years in dental tourism. Official government figures show 160.000 Austrians alone cross the border for dental treatment every year. Guarantees are given by the dentists and are part of their terms & conditions. Those them self are regulated by the government (mandatory) which itself applies the EU regulations. Therefore you have the same rights you have everywhere in Europe. I hope this answers your question. Please do not hesitate coming back to me for further information.

BR, Alex Heidl

The crown is fine and I have already forgotten it is there. Please thank all involved for an excellent service. If you need any references for the practice you know where I am.


Having been extremely nervous of dentists from early childhood by my late 20’s my teeth were in a truly dreadful state. Having contaced Hungarian Health I explained my situation and my fears about the costs and trauma of dentistry. I travelled to Budapest for a consultation and found the whole trip to be excellent, the standard of dentistry and empathy of my dentist, Tamas was fantastic. Added to this the costs of the full treatment were as much as 250% cheaper than in the UK, not to mention the treatment is of a constantly excellent standard.

Andrea and Anna looked after me fantastically from picking me up at the airport to going out their way to find accommodation in Budapest whilst on a week long stay. During the course of my treatment I have had some extensive work done including extractions, implants, crowns, root canal fillings. All have handled with love and compassion. I cannot recommend Anna, Andrea and Tamas highly enough. The greatest praise I can give them is that I intend to return to Budapest for routine chack-up just to keep in touch with some great people and continue to discover a beautiful city.


Yes - everything's fine and I am very pleased with the results!
Andras did make one or two small suggestions about my future treatment and I will be in touch when it seems necessary.
For now, I will take a rest and admire myself in the mirror...
Thanks to you and to everyone for your very efficient and friendly help!


I was delighted (and am still delighted) with my teeth! I was going to offer to speak with potential clients for you. I think it may help some people who are considering the treatment to talk to an English person who can reassure them of their choice! You know that I think that all of you are absolutely wonderful and the Best so it may give English patients more confidence to hear that from someone who has been in their position.


Complaints department report of implant side effects that I should have been advised of
1) Loss of weight due to chewing food instead of swallowing.
2) Due to Loss of weight necessitating the cost of new clothes to fit slimmer body.
3) Wife complaining that I do not eat all the food that she cooks due to above.
4) Wasted boxes of indigestion tablets.


Firstly I would like to say thank you soooo much for my wonderful new smile I am really happy with my crowns they look lovely thank you for organising the whole thing I would not of been able to do it all without your professional help and handling it was excellent.


I passed on your details to a few work colleagues today - they are considering dental work and said i was very happy and how great yours and George's client service was.


Please thank Tomas and the team for all of their help. I am very happy with my new smile :) Again id like to say a special thank you to you for looking after me/us so well throughout this process.


Both Jimmy and I left Budapest thrilled with the dental work we received. Not only that, we enjoyed your beautiful capital and had a very relaxing time. You do a terrific job and I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Thanks again,

Katy and Jimmy