Just like to say thank you all for my perfect smile cant tell you how happy I am. Used to think about my teeth a hundred times a day now I no longer have to obbess about them. Can finally eat anything I like and enjoy my food without tasting a mouthfull of plastic. It will change my life in so many ways and has given me my confidence back thank you for changing my life and giving me the smile I dreamed about.

warmest regards


Andrea - I am thrilled with my new teeth.
A big thank you to you and Tomas for doing them.
With best wishes


The Budapest Experience was a good one and a great adventure! I enjoyed it despite the Monday ordeal. Being met and ferried around was brilliant and I liked the refuge of the flat with its lovely balcony.

The teeth look good and I am happy with them. Andrea, I particularly want to thank you for your care and concern. I really appreciated it. I am very glad I came.


Dear Andrea,
I went to see my dentist this week and he was SO impressed with my teeth! He said they were the best he had ever seen! He will start sending his patients to you in the future.


I cannot recommend them too highly..Excellent staff, highly efficient dentists. And virtually pain-free!


Besides the excellent treatment my wife and I really liked Budapest and we did a city tour by open air bus on Friday morning. I have been telling my colleagues about the dental treatment and they are very impressed and one of my colleagues has asked for the contact details already.


I am very pleased with the results and well recomend any one to you, guys.


All of the dentistry work carried out so far has been very good and does not cause me any problems.


Firstly thank you very much for the great work you have done on my tooth.


It feels too good to be true, I keep expecting something to go wrong, but I can eat anything I want now without worrying, and of course I have to smile all the time.


I am very happy with the overall result of my dental treatment.


Thank you very much for looking after me so well during my visit which I really enjoyed. A kind of cultural bonus on top of the dental treatment. I didn't have any pain after the treatment and my teeth look very nice.


Thanks, the teeth are excellent.


I must admit that I am very pleased with my new teeth and the treatment I received.... and my new look! I am getting used to the new front teeth very quickly and without the plastic prosthesis my tatse buds in the roof of my mouth are experiencing real taste for the first time in years. Everyone admires my new teeth ....especially Cathy, my wife. I have no pain at all now and I am starting to smile again something I have consciously not done for many years.


I hope that all of you having a good holiday! I am really pleased with the implants. It is one hundred times better than the dentures.


Once more thank you for all your support! I believe that you and Dr. Tamás are doing your best to help me.


Thank you, yes all is well and I am thrilled with my new teeth! You were an enormous support and I am very grateful for your time and kindness.


I managed to make a barbeque in the backgarden yestreday and for the first time after many years I felt I could eat.


Perfect Smile from Hungary flies two of its own dentists to Britain, to Luton, every other weekend, for follow-up work - or even to do the full treatment here. Geoff Sandilands had implant and cap work done by this ‘third way,’ where the dentist does the travelling, and saved about one-third of the normal price. He says it would have been one-third lower again - plus a cheap airfare and hotel - if he had had the time to travel to Budapest instead of letting Budapest come to him. He was pleased with what they did.

Saga Magazine June 2007

May I thank you all for your kindness to my Mum and I and your efficiency in making our dental trip so memorable.