About us

We are a team of Hungarian dentists who run successful dental practices in Budapest and in London, which allows you to have dental treatment for very affordable prices and organize your treatment in the most convenient way: you can have all the services in the London practice, you can take a dental trip to Budapest or combine these options. This system is very attractive and popular; in the past 10 years hundreds of satisfied patients have recommended us to their friends and families, which we are very proud of.



All our dentists are highly qualified Hungarian dental professionals, who are registered with the Dental section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and/or the UK General Dental Council and have full insurance for their practices. Clients can decide if they wish to travel to Budapest for a dental trip, have treatment in London or combine the two options – we are always very fexible in organizing patients’ dental care.


Visit us in in our London practice for a free consultation and check-up. Within a few days your dentist will send you your treatment plan including all the alternatives and treatment options in London and in Budapest with prices, schedule and other details. Our treatment plans are easily understandable; we explain the problem and the possible solutions in meaningful, human understandable language.


Send us a panoramic dental x-ray and we will prepare your personal treatment plan – with no obligation. In case you have seen other practices for dental quotes and you would prefer to get a second opinion you may ask for a copy of your x-ray and forward it to us. When you have our offer with exact prices and timing it will be easier to make a decision and plan your steps for your perfect smile.


If you choose to travel to Budapest for a dental trip, our company provides full service (organizing travel, accommodation, free transfers) for your comfort. When you arrive we meet you the the airport and drive you to the surgery every time you have an appointment. You will be given a mobile phone so that you can contact your dentist or ask for assistance any time during your stay.


After your treatment has been completed you can always contact us in case of any questions or problems. Our dentists will be for your service at the London surgery should you need any dental help. We take guarantee for our services, all follow-up work and check-ups are free of charge.


Both in the UK and in Hungary you will receive complex dental care. In case of any questions or problems our dental staff are available 24/7 via e-mail or telephone and are ready to advise clients. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, which needs personal examination or correction, we will arrange an appointment in London to have the problem treated for free of charge.


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Dentart surgery at 295 King street, W6 9NH is open 7 days a week offering general dental treatment and also specialist care (root canal treatment, oral surgery and implants). Check-ups, consultation and x-rays are always free of charge and our friendly and helpful professionals are able to support nervous patients through the dental process.


Perfect Smile surgery is located in the 2nd district of Budapest right by the Danube, opposite the Parliament building. The practice is suitably equipped for a wide range of dental services including implant treatment and aesthetic dental care. The latest technology is applied including digital panoramic x-ray, laser whitening, full sedation, laser therapy for paradontal problems; sterilisation protocols meet the standards set up by the European Union.